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Here is some cool facts on The Music!


  • The Music started out of complete bordom. "There were nowt else to do apart from hang-out on street corners. We formed out of boredom really."-Adam
  •  Only called them selves The Music cause they needed a name really fast. "We just used it so we could start playing gigs. It was the only half-decent name we could think of"-Adam
  •  Had many names for the band before choosing The Music. Such as Swerve.
  • Won the "Bring Young Things Talent contest" in Leeds in 2000. They Played "Where The Angels Play" which was later re-named "The Dance"
  • Only started hanging out together because of their parents. 
  •  Adam and Stu have known each other since they were 2 years old!
  • The band members were not inspired by British bands in their teens. They called them "safe".
  • Art was the one thing that really inspired them.
  • Phil left another band he was with to complete The Music. (good thing he did!)
  • Never listened to Led Zepplin and Stone Roses after being compared to them often.
  • They are obbsessed with soccer(football-footie)! Once they didn't have their soccer ball so they wrapped tape around a towel and used it as a ball.
  • Adam has a prototype The North t-shirt that was not released to the public.
  • They've supported the following bands: - New Order, Charlatans, Doves, Oasis, The Coral, and The Vines.
  • On the early nation tour, there was a group of individuals known as The Alternative Dance Collective or ADC who used to turn up at certain gigs and bust some moves, breakdance-style. They're not been heard of in quite some time.
  • It took Rob one year to grow his hair to a respectable length!
  • Rob does Yoga to help him prep for shows and help him with his craaazzy dance moves.
  • One of Adam's favourite movies is the Shawshank Redemption. (same here! :P)
  • Rob was told he was supposed to be a gardener at least according to a professional assessment test that he took while he was a student in Leeds, England.

I got most of the facts above from thetruthisnowords, thewonderwall websites.
Some facts curtesy of CrankedUp off the official The Music messageboard.