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Heres some stuff about The Music's OLD Videos. I just havent had time put stuff up about the videos on the latest CD.

All Videos:
Take The Long Road and Walk It (Fierce Panda Version)
Let Love Be The Healer
The People
Take The Long Road and Walk It
The Truth Is No Words
The Music Live at BlankCanvas DVD
Other Live Videos

Take The Long Road and Walk It (Fierce Panda Version)


-only released in the UK
-To view it look on the official The Music website.
-song is the version The Music plays live in concert.
Let Love Be The Healer
-only released in the UK
-not that much hype around it
-can be found on the official The Music Website
The People


-released in the UK and recently the rest of the world
-video not on any singles, just the official website
-2nd video by them released in North America
Take The Long Road and Walk It


-First video released in North America (released in UK first)
-most  popular video
-up for many awards
-on the Take The Long Road and Walk It  single
-on the Self-titled Album


-only released in Europe and a few other countries
-on the Getaway single
-fairly popular video
The Truth Is No Words


-released in Europe and some other countries
-on The Truth Is No Words single
-very popular single
-on official website


The Music Live at Blank Canvas DVD
performed - The Dance, Jag Tune, The Truth is No Words, Human, Let Love Be The Healer, New Instrumental,  Turn Out The Light, The People, Too High, Take The Long  Road and Walk It, Disco,  and The Walls Get Smaller.
-released on September 1/03 in the UK and released October 14/03 in North America


Other Live Videos
-found on the official website
-videos such as Disco and Alone

most pics from the website. Great site, check it out!
Live pic: live at Ottawa at the Corel centre, AMAZING show!