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My The Music Experience
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Heres my story on meeting The Music.
-----Pictures Finally Up!

I have seen The Music twice in concert. Once in Ottawa when they were opening for Coldplay and the second time at Lollapalooza in Washington D.C. Well lets just say the second time was more memorable!
When the festival started I was just walking around and all of a sudden I see Rob just wondering around! I couldn't let him just walk I went up and asked him if he was Robert Harvey and got a picture with him! So later on in the day, their show began and ofcourse I was right in the front! (Only about a metre between me and the stage) They were amazing!! They only played 6songs though. Come What May, The People, The Truth Is No Words, Take The Long Road and Walk It, Disco, and The Walls Get Smaller. Deffinetly not enough! Well after the show I noticed a sign saying "The Music Signing at 6". Well I waited a half an hour in line for them! (missing Steve-o in the process grrr) I met, got an autograph and  a picture with each member. By far The Music is the most down to earth, and nice band out there. If you ever meet them (well if you already haven't) don't feel shy and nervous around them! They can make you feel so comfortable! Well I would have to be if I told Stu he was my idol :P. Good job boys!!!!!

Me and Stu!--I almost fainted
Me and Rob--with his hand on my head
Me and Phil
Me and Adam
Me and Rob--at the beginning of the festival

Please do not steal these pics because they are very personal. Thanks:)